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Ragdoll kittens are born white and it takes few days to few weeks to determine color and pattern. 

Color will spread, from the extremities, and continue to darken until the cats is about 2 years old. 

Ragdoll cats mature and reach full size at about 4 years of age.


Click the following pictures to see how these kittens grew and changes on their coat volume & color.
Seal Bicolor
Blue Bicolor
Seal Lynx Bicolor
Blue Lynx Bicolor


Show Alter Quality

Showing rights for high quality and meeting the Ragdoll standard, spayed/neutered kittens.  No exceptions.


Pet Quality

Spayed/neutered.  No exceptions.


A few Show/Breeder Quality kittens may be considered for established and reputable registered catteries.


We reserve the right to cancel placement of a kitten at our discretion.


Prior to leaving our home at the age of 4-5 months, all Dolly-Chiny kittens will:

1.     be spayed/neutered for Show and/or Pet Qualities;

2.     be vet checked and have had age appropriate worming and vaccinations;

3.     have learned everything from mom and siblings that they will need to grow into healthy and loving cats;

4.     be individually registered with CFA;

5.     be going with a written contract and a two-year genetic health guarantee;

6.     be micro-chipped when necessary (recommended).


We do not allow declawing under any circumstances.

We do not allow our kittens outdoors.

You are welcome to be put on our waiting list.


No stud services.


Dolly-Chiny's 1st litter